Jesus' Refreshingly Different Style of Ministry

Suggested Reading: Matthew 4: 23-25 The above portion of the Scripture is essentially a summary of Jesus' ministry. Firstly we see He went all over the region of Galilee –He moved around and did not stay in one place for too long. Secondly, I noted with much interest that he did his teaching in the

Gucci Bardot Purse – Enhance Your Style Status

These days a lot of women as well as the media see celebrities as fashion icons and turn to them for some fashion inspiration. Even these days the Gucci Bardot purse is a highly coveted handbag, approximately fifty years after it was designed and named after the famous actress Brigitte Bardot. The surname Bardot is

Shannon Brown Dunk Or His Workout Secret Revealed

Shannon Brown’s dunks are just as impressive as his vertical. The 24-year-old Los Angeles Lakers guard has one of the highest verticals in the NBA (44.5 inches)! And he is only 6 foot 2 inches tall (not 6’4”). Of course Brown was disappointing in this year’s NBA Slam Dunk Contest (February 2010). He didn’t even

The Name Game

Ever watch a marathon in person? It's pretty thrilling for runners and non-runners alike to see all those people laying it on the line in pursuit of a special goal or achievement. I've always found it very inspiring to watch. Many marathon runners write their names on their t-shirts. Why, you ask, would they deface

Indian Fashion Industry

Colourful fashion trends of India With the end of the 20th century came the end of all hype which has created a more practical and pragmatic environment and has given a more stable picture of the fashion business. In the 50s, 60s and 70s, the Indian fashion scenario wasn’t exactly colorless. It was exciting, stylish