StarCraft 2 Strategy Guide – Pros and Cons

I admit it, I’ve been using a StarCraft 2 strategy guide to strengthen my battle strategies and sharpen my micro and macro skills for this game. That’s because I got sick of struggling in the Bronze league and I wanted to join my Diamond friends to make a 4v4.

I know that most players don’t sympathize with the idea of using a guide to play a game, but in this case that’s a loss.

That’s why, I’m going to focus a little bit in this report, on the pros and cons about a StarCraft 2 strategy guide.

StarCraft 2 Strategy Guide – Pros

1. You will, of course, learn dozens of winning strategies.

Many players think that you only need to know 1-2 strategies to win a game, and they usually try to apply them in almost every game. That’s wrong. Diversity increases your winning chances considerably. Plus, knowing many SC 2 strategies, you will always be prepared for anything.

2. You will learn APM exercises.

The APM (Actions-per-Minute) volume is very important in StarCraft 2. With a 60-70 APM you won’t get anywhere near even the Platinum leagues. That’s why it’s important to sharpen this skill. There are many exercises to do that, and a StarCraft 2 strategy guide will show your plenty.

3. You will sharpen your micro skills.

It’s pointless to follow even the best strategy for a specific race if you suck in an offensive or defensive situation. What I mean here, is that you need to give your troops the exact commands, move them into the right places at the right time, and attack the right targets to deal maximum damage.

4. You will learn the strengths and weaknesses of every unit.

This is very important. This way you’ll be able to balance your battle force perfectly, each one of your attack groups will suffer minimum losses and your opponent will experience maximum unit and structure loss.

5. You will gain access to plenty of videos.

Explained videos are not so easy to find. By watching the pros at play, you can study their moves directly and also discover and eliminate your own flaws.

StarCraft 2 Strategy Guide – Cons

1. It’s a bit pricey.

No matter how much I searched, just couldn’t find a consistent StarCraft 2 strategy guide for free. However, quality is never free, so as much as it concerns me, it really paid off.

2. Players might laugh at you.

Who cares? My Diamond friends laughed at me too, but after I kicked their butt in 1v1 they all had to say “GG”. Dominating and winning every battle is the only thing that matters anyway.


Do you want to become a StarCraft 2 Diamond a.s.a.p.?