Baseball Teachers The Values ​​Of Life

You must be wondering how sports like baseball can teach anyone the values ​​and principles to be followed in life!

Parents take their children to the fields and teach them the sport. Baseball is, then, a symbol of the bond between parents and their children.

Baseball creates an atmosphere of excitment. The practice sessions in summer, everyone playing different positions, no one keeping score, everyone enthusiistic and engaged; everything is so energizing.

Baseball is passing down as a legacy, strengthening family love, teaching the principles of life, sharing joy and victory, sorrow and defeat. Baseball can add spice to our lives.

Baseball teachers us to take up any task with enthusiasm, optimism and with appreciation for the opportunity to participate.

There are nine rules of baseball which can actually become the nine steps towards a successful life.

These rules are as follows:

o If you lose, do not make excuses. Accept your mistakes, work hard to improve them and never brake others for what you did. Excuses will never let your mistakes become pills of your success.

o Maintain your dignity while you play. Play fair. Do not taunt others and do not pass comments on your opponents. Play with a team spirit and never discourage your own team mates. Carry yourself with pride.

o Try, try till you succeed! Do not be a coward and never give up. You should have the fire in you and the determination to succeed. If you are confident, no one can drag you down. You need to be relentless.

o Do not pity yourself and never give an opportunity to your opponents to gain joy from your inability to cope up with defeat. Do not get frustrated and lose your calm.
Ignore factors like the weather, the final score, the umpire's judgment, all of which are not in your control. Plan for the next event as future is very much in your control.
Changing the past is not possible. So, do not crib about it.

oAnalyze your mistakes. Play smartly and honestly! You are accountable and the way you react to circumstances, reveals a lot about your personality.

oFocus on one thing at a time. If you are a base-runner, do that job well. If you are a fielder, a pitcher or a batter, you need to concentrate on the work assigned to you.

oGive your best shot and stop worrying about the results.

oBe good learners.

oBe a true warrior, one who, in his pride, does not forget that he can also lose next time. Achieving success is not difficult but retaining that success is.

So, remember, people do different things but winners do things differently.