Feline Fashion for Halloween

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Anyone will tell you that one of the sexiest women’s Halloween costumes has been the cat costume, and it has topped the list for many years. The combination of the usually tight-fitting cat suit and the image of the feline on the prowl make this costume choice one that stands out. Classic cat suits range from the traditional looking kitty costume to the Cat Woman in sleek black from head to toe. Whichever you choose, a cat costume will have everyone wanting to investigate your feline wiles.

A classic character from the comics, Cat Woman is sexy, smart, and stealthy. Her black latex outfit topped with a black hood with cat ears is a well known superhero image. Since the character first appeared on the pages of comic books, the costume has been a popular choice for brave women willing to slip into something skin-tight to show off their curves. Cat Woman is a dark and mysterious character, adding to her appeal for both women seeking a great sexy costume and men interested in getting to know the gutsy woman in black.

For something a little prettier and a little less Gothic looking, there are highly feminine costumes that feature cat ears on a headband and a kitty-inspired dress or jumpsuit. Whether you prefer a flirty short skirt or a two piece that includes pants, kitty costumes come in a wide range of choices. The ears are what really matter, and of course a kitty has to have a tail!

Cats aren’t all the small domestic kind, and not all cat costumes are quite so tame either. For a wilder approach to the cat costume, consider one of the big predator cats of the wild. Tigers, leopards, and of course the fierce and dangerous lioness are cat costumes that go a step further. With wild animal prints cut into sexy styles, these jungle cat costumes are bound to turn heads.

Choosing to wear a costume for Halloween is the easy part; choosing which type of costume you want to wear is a little more difficult. The popularity of cat costumes for women means there is a wide variety of choices available. Choose the cat that best fits your personality. Are you a lioness or a tiger on the hunt? Are you a pretty cat who still has claws that can come out if provoked? Or are you the dangerous and mysterious Cat Woman, prowling the night in deep, dark disguise?

There is something about putting on a cat costume that just makes a woman feel sexy, so choose the one that represents your sexy feline side, and strut your stuff as a nocturnal kitty on the right night for it, Halloween!

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