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There is no denying the fact that any mode of entertainment is a part of flourishing merits, hardihood and intellectuals in humans as they create sufficient humors with an intensive irritability. The different media set variety of programs to focus a certain event based on literary diction, personification between the plants and the animals, transient life, rhyme, decay and periodicity concepts with which the criteria of spontaneous growth is vivid and vivacious ingrained in cultural as well as social life. A life becomes poor and frustrated if there is no leisure to enjoy the beauties of nature and blissful attitudes created by the modes of entertainment. Only work is not the solutions of developments in all levels like education, culture, philosophy, religion and heritage, but modes of entertainment play a vital role in achieving optimistic life in question.

The mode of entertainment awakens the lifeless soul of humans for which humans experience peace and placate in bringing a steadiness of position stuck between sorrows and cheerfulness. In this ephemeral world, the natural beauties like the sun set scene from the rivers and mountains, swimming scene of the crocodile- the only killer animals in the world, the remarkable technique of prey of the lions and the tigers fascinate us on a large scale. When the wandering entertainers roam about here and there even in the remotest corner of the world entertain us and we find pleasures having seen their modes of amusement virtually. In modern day the entertainment modes have been changed. Television chalks out various programmes of entertainment in the field of cinema, drama, science fiction which catch the attention of gaining knowledge and happiness. The musical programmes promulgated in Radio and television give pleasures and tranquility in our real life situation. We can learn a lot on the differentiation of truthful and fictional events. These programmes help us to know the unknown particularly the complex thing apparent to be easier for which we can resolve different simulation based problems and complicacies.

There are lots of modes of entertainment in present day affairs of life which provide us knowledge and skills in retaliating the hurdles which may appear at anytime. In sports and games, we get pleasures of different tastes and attitudes in understating the fundamental realism of life. From the programmes of sports and games, animal planets, science education, simulation technique, geographical and atmospheric programmes in the Internets, Television, Radio and environmental programmes in the Newspaper and magazines, we find various levels of improvement and exploration of newness. It is evident, from the different modes of entertainment; we learn discipline, skills and the significance of success in life. From such moods of entertainment, we find ways and means to proceed towards advancement of success, pleasures and happiness.

Man lives in deeds not in years. All that glitters is not gold. In real life situation, we need to be particular and there is no shelter for the theists who believe in pessimistic life. Hopeful and constructive life is the basis for gaining perfect strategy of success. The modes of entertainments are the perpetual sectors of getting pleasures and happiness from where we can deal a vigilant and constructive way of life. If the modes of entertainment are misled, the youth society may be besmirched and as such we would lose effective manpower for which our development of economic growth will be hampered tentatively. Hence it is said that modes of entrainment teaches us how to avoid chaos, confusion and frolicsome activities ingrained in common life as the social bitterness and the immoral social activities differentiates among the people creating rivalry, jealousy, competition and terrorism.

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