How to Eat Right & Lose Weight

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There is a simple, immutable law about the human body: if you eat right, you will lose weight. Period. But great success in weight loss does not have to come from massive changes in your lifestyle or your diet. For people who fear the lifestyle change, smaller things may be easier to stick with over the long-term and that means effectiveness. Nothing works if you do not stick with it, after all!

One of the small changes you can make to start towards the path of eating right and losing weight is to reduce the amount of highly-processed carbohydrates you eat every day. Cut down on the pasta, bread, and other vehicle foods, and increase the amount of the foods that actually mean something: meats, veggies, and fruits.

Processing removals valuable nutrients from your food, which is one reason why the whole food movement is so successful: it's a key part of learning how to eat right. Losing weight can really be as easy as making that small change in your diet! It may not be a massive (or massively fast) weight loss, but it will be permanent as long as you stick to the change that you made.


If you do decide to go hardcore and decide to learn how to eat right & lose weight, keep this in mind: there's a reason people are afraid to make the leap to a serious low-carb regimen. The first part of any low-carb diet is known as an induction period, and it involves eating almost no carbs at all for a few days (sometimes up to two weeks). That means no fruit, a limited selection of veggies, and a LOT of protein. This can be extraordinarily hard on someone who suffers from carb addiction (almost everyone).

The goal is to achieve a homeostatic state called ketosis, which simply means that your body gives up on carbs as an energy source and determinates to burn fat instead. This is a very good things for people who are trying to lose weight! Unfortunately, your weight loss will level out after a while, and the only way to break the plateau is to increase your carbohydrate intake (rather counterintuitive, is not it?) For a day or three, and then re-restrict your carb intake , which can retrigger your withdrawal symptoms.

The Problems of Low-caring It

Now, a lot of people are dissing low-carb diets lately, with claims that it's unsafe to not eat carbs, and that it causes high cholesterol and other problems. The facts are proven: your body does not need carbohydrates to survive it can create every single carbohydrate it will ever need out of an adequate supply of protein and fat.

More controversial, but still provable: high cholesterol is not a health risk. It never was. The only claim ever made about high cholesterol is that it is correlated with heart disease but that's like saying that being tall is correlated with playing basketball. Sure, there are more tall basketball players than short ones but that has nothing to do with the idea that being tall causes you to play basketball. See the difference? Cholesterol is a vital substance that your body uses for several purposes around the body, one of which is maintaining arterial health so by trying to keep your cholesterol down and avoid heart disease, you're actually increasing your chance of having a stroke!

The debt about low-carb diets is silly on it's face, for one basic reason: humankind lived a low-carb diet for hundreds of thousands of years before we went and invented agriculture and the grain mill. Humans evolved to eat meat that they hunted, and fruits and vegetables that they gathered, and very little else. Who do we think we are to argue with our own history?

It's Right For You

So while you're going to take it slow and make lasting changes to your eating habits, or go hardcore and jump in with both feet, know that the low-carbohydrate diet is the diet that is best for long-term, permanent weight loss without the loss of health. That's the absolute basic rule of how to eat right & lose weight.

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