The Truth About Inflation

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If you believe what the leaders in Washington tell us, then we are not experiencing any form of inflation. If you watch the various Financial Shows on FOX, CNN, MSN and etc, they have varying views on our current economic status and inflation.

If you live on Main Street, where most of us live, then you know that inflation is here and has been here for quite some time. All you have to do is look at the cost of groceries, now and then look back a year or even 5 years. Now while the cost of things do go up, it is unbelievable how much they have gone up in the last year. You can even chart the increase cost of staples on weekly if not daily basis, ask anyone who goes to the grocery store, anywhere in this country.

The current political atmosphere, seems to ignore the fact that inflation is a living, breathing part of our everyday life. We are faced with it every time we venture into the grocery store, pharmacy or any other store. Why our politically leaders keep refusing to ignore the obvious, is beyond understanding. It seems that, that they believe, if they keep saying that it's not true, then it will go away on it's own.

Inflation happened during the recession in the 1970's, and while many do not believe that we are currently being hit with inflation. Back in the 1970's, the buying and selling of gold was everywhere. Now, we are hit daily by ads encouraging us to buy and or sell our gold. Could this be a coincidence, sometimes, or is it a case of history repeating itself?

Green beans in the 80's sold on sale 10 for a dollar. Then it went to 5 for a dollar. Then today the same can of green beans is 69 cents. Look closely you will see an increase across the board of up to 20%.

Inflation is here and will be here for quite some time. Sticking your head in the sand, will not make it go away. Some time you will have to pull your head out of the sand or what bodily orifice that you have it stuck in and realize the truth about inflation

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