Is Badminton Even a Real Sport – You Bet it Is – I’ll Explain

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When people think of sports they very rarely consider Badminton one of them, but it is a real sport and it can be a really tough sport at the higher levels. It is very popular around the world, and fun to play. In fact, anyone can play the game without too much training, but for the world badminton players, it’s fierce competition, and they mean business!

The reality is that the average person doesn’t even know how to spell Badminton without a spell checker. They try things like;

  • Badmiton
  • Bad Miten
  • Badmitton
  • Badmitten

All of which is really bad spelling errors, so you need to know that first. Next, before you go out and trash a sport you don’t know much about, I suggest you go to YouTube and search “Crazy Badminton” and watch a few of the 1-2 minute videos of extreme rallies, Olympic style competition, and world class tournament play. Then come back to this article so, you can participate without your incorrect pre-conceived notions of one of the greatest games ever created.

You see, badminton requires extremely sharp hand-eye coordination, super agility, and when two-man teams play, there is a lot of strategy to be worked out, well, if you want to win that is. Yes, it is true you can go to Walmart and buy a badminton set complete with net for about $29.00 but that is not what the world class players or serious players use.

Luckily, you can get a backyard set up very inexpensively, and you start there, it’s great for kids, BBQs, and fun. Then as you progress you can work yourself up to an amateur category. But I warn you these superstars of humanity that play at the world class level are nothing short of incredible athletes all the way around, and they are young too, in their early 20s. Please consider all this.

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