Social Media Marketing – How It Can Help You

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Social media marketing can be defined as the process of selling or promoting products and services through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The use of the internet's social aspect enables the social media marketer to connect and interact with the target demographic or audience on a more dynamic and personal level than what can be achieved through conventional marketing methods.

The internet marketing strategies employed can be as simple as having a Twitter account or a company blog, and attaching Digg or Twitter tags at the bottom of the articles; or something more complicated as launching full-blown campaigns that include social networking and viral videos posted on YouTube, blogs and tweets. Of course the strategy will depend on the target audience and how comprehensive it is intended to be.

Tagging blog entries and articles to facilitate submission, andoting on Digg and other social news sites are the simplest forms of social media marketing. You may have seen some examples of this strategy in action though you may not be aware of it. If you read an online article with a "Share This" widget towards the end, or you happen to encounter a Digg vote counter on a web page, then you have already seen one way to do marketing through social media. This style of internet marketing is very easy to implement as it is usually automated. Especially for media firms, this can be very effective and can be very powerful in promoting company blogs.

* Twitter – This social networking site has outgrown its humble micro-blogging origins and has started to fulfill its great potential for internet marketing. Today, it can be likened to a company blog. But despite the primary goal is to spread the word, providing a more personal touch as opposed to RSS feeds is the key to success in promoting blogs or press releases. It is also a great way to interact with followers and clients.

* Social Networking – As social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook have become tremendously popular worldwide, it has almost become imperative for most businesses to establish presence and set up accounts with them. There are many other less popular but specialized social network sites that, depending on your products and services, may be perfect for promotional purposes. Because social networks provide a venue where customers can interact with the marketer as well as with fellow customers, this can propel the marketing effort to go viral.

* Blogs – In some ways, they can be used for traditional media promotions. Just as dailies, magazines, and other traditional media formats are used for review copies, popular blog spots on the specific niche can also be used.

* YouTube – Although this can prove to be more expensive and time-consuming, YouTube may be ideal to focus a huge marketing campaign on this as it provides a great opportunity to interact with your client base. Constant interaction with customers is a great way to build brand loyalty. You can find a lot of successful social media marketing efforts that center around viral videos on YouTube.

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