Sales And Marketing Jobs In The UK

The general job market in the United Kingdom is benefiting greatly from the influx of new talent. University graduation rates are increasing annually, which means companies of all sizes are gaining benefits from talented young professionals. As well, the Internet and the decreased barriers between countries means that international workers are often seeking work in the United Kingdom. The professional fields that benefits from these developments are sales and marketing. The reason why sales and marketing departments are getting the best of increased talent is that graduates, by and large, choose these fields to work in. Both sales and marketing requires creativity, intelligence, and business acumen. There are several corporate sectors which interested graduates should search for a sales and marketing job in the UK.

One of the hottest fields for sales and marketing professionals in the UK at present is in telecommunications. We have all seen advertisements, in print or on television, which are creative and extol the virtues of cell phones and data plans. Sales and marketing professionals with telecommunications firms work on creative and effective advertising to keep them above and beyond the competition. This area of sales and marketing is particularly competitive, so creative minds need to be coupled with an ability to develop concepts that will separate their products from the competition.

Sales and marketing professionals looking for work in the UK should also consider the automotive industry. Automotive firms in the UK are always looking for people to promote and sell their latest line of products. Sales professionals can range from show room sales people, who work directly with customers, to fleet sales managers, who help governments and large corporations purchase mass quantities of automobiles. Marketing professionals typically review the tag line and past advertising campaigns of their firm and try to bring these older concepts into a new generation. These jobs are tough to come by for young professionals but training programs and recruiting firms can open up auto firm doors to exceptional candidates.

Finally, sales and marketing professionals need to consider the engineering industry as a good outlet for their skills. While the engineering field may be understated in its advertising to the public, young professionals can find great work with firms big and small. Sales people work with potential clients, including government bodies and large corporations, in order to sell engineering services. Marketing professionals work with graphic designers and advertisers to find outlets for their firm’s name and logo. These professionals often work on publications and website materials, as there are few commercials for engineering services.