Gurgaon – The City of Opulence & Affluence

Dare not say Gurgaon in politically (in)correct and turbulent times! Say ‘GURUGRAM’ instead. Jokes aside, Gurgaon is not just Delhi’s but India’s Manhattan. Gurgaon or Gurugram is an extension of Delhi; precisely NCR: National Capital Region. Visit it and you’ll be bamboozled by the grandeur of Gurgaon. The adjective ‘awesome’ has become a cliche. Moreover, it falls short of articulating the real opulence of a thing, person or place. So let me grope for a pithy superlative that can capture the essence of this millennium city about which someone said in India Today a few years ago: Ye shahar kisi ka mohtaaj nahin hai (This city is not tied down to the apron-strings of anything and anyone; he was alluding to Delhi in other words). So very true.

Nevertheless, the Pin Code does give a structural, existential and situational importance to a place and from that perspective, Gurugram’s 122001 has its own official significance.

No boasting or exaggeration. But the author has travelled extensively all across the globe and seen world’s finest cities like London, the Big Apple (New York), Sydney, Brisbane, Cape Town, LA among others and he has seen Gurgaon literally develop and burgeon into a MILLENNIUM CITY of India. I’m in AWE of it! It wows me… Rest assured, it’ll wow you too. Mark my words.

Way back in 2005, I visited Sector-25 of Gurugram where India’s first ever Gold Suk (Suk is originally an Arabic word and you get to see many a suk in Dubai) came up. It was rather sparsely populated at that time and now go to Sector-25 or any Sector of Gurgaon at random and you’ll be flummoxed. Yes, flummoxed is the word to use here for the splendour of Gurgaon. The place has spread exponentially and the development has happened in a jiffy. From all corporate hubs to the most swish joints, outlets, malls, spas and mind-blowing skyscrapers, Gurugram has everything an NRI mentality person will bargain for. In fact, it has even more.

It’s India’s most elite address. And remember, ‘Ye shahar sota nahin hai‘ (this city doesn’t sleep). This fantabulous city can hold a candle to world’s any great and grand city. The style, class, affluence, modernity, everything is here in Gurgaon and that too in abundance.

Gurgaon Pin Code could be 122001 but like Noida (Officially, Gautam Buddha Nagar, Pin Code-201301, UP) who remembers the Pin Code nos. of these two LOFTY WINGS of the Capital?

Breathe in the air of Gurgaon (though Delhi and NCR’s air is polluted) and you’ll feel a palpable difference: The difference in life-style and also in the collective attitudes of the people out there. It’s so perceptible. I, therefore, urge all to visit Gurgaon to see and feel the exclusiveness of an Indian city. Be proud of its existence. Gurgaon vindicates the adage: Seeing is believing. See it for yourself and you’ll be hooked on to its magnificence. It’s a super-suave millennium abode for those Indians who belong to the upper crust. Mind you, yours truly is not making any discriminatory difference here. He’s just stating the truth about a city that’s the Crowning Glory of India.

So when’re you visiting Delhi? Precisely, Gurgaon?

Experience the difference and come back basking in the warmth and glory of India’s finest city: Gurugram. And please don’t forget to share your exclusive experiences about India’s Manhattan.