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The Art of Comic Illustration

Who does not love comic books? We all do. Whether super hero comics, kids comics, comic jokes, or what have you everyone enjoys a great time reading comic illustrations. Comics help the readers imagine things and images, the text is often short allowing very easy reading, these illustrated materials go beyond age as people young

Abstract Art – A Brief

Abstract art combines a beautiful visual language of form, color and line to create a composition which may exist with a definite degree of independence from visual references seen in the world today and in the past. Western art was typically underpinned by the logic of perspective during and after the Renaissance up to the

Art Deco Pottery – 10 Influences

Art Deco pottery was created in a style that followed closely on the heels of Art Nouveau. It was created in France beginning in 1910, spread through the world and, then, lost influence with the sunset of World War II. Art Deco was originally called art moderne or art decoritif . This has caused a

The Best Martial Arts for Kids

Whether you’re the parent of a boy or a girl, it feels good to enroll young people in a program that will enhance their self-confidence and help them defend themselves in the world. But how do you choose the best martial art? Depending on where you live and your willingness to facilitate online martial arts

Russian Names

Natalya, Anaanya, Anastasia are all common names in Russia. But their contribution does not end just with these names. A typical Russian name is divided into three parts; the given name, the patronymic, and the family name. But rather than calling people by their given name, they are referred by diminutives. For instance, Anastasia is

Art Design Courses – What to Look For

Two of your major art design course objectives should first be an emphasis on your professional skills development and to gain the techniques, skills, methodology, and vocabulary that will be required for your success as a productive artist, designer, or scholar. You second objective should be the development of critical judgment and historical perspective that

Paintball Vs Airsoft – Pros and Cons of Each

Paintball and Airsoft are two very similar sports. For the newbies it might be hard to choose between the two. Both have their pros and cons and understanding them will help you select the better option for you. Let’s start with paintball. Paintball is a war or hunting game in which you can use a

Hijacked Chicago BB Card Show Promoter

What do you do when your life takes a detour and you do not know where to begin anymore? Do you command the driver's seat and learn how to take over? Or, do you take the backseat and just go with the flow? One man has the answer-and he learned it in quite the hard