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Principles of Art

There are five basic principles of art whosoever must consider decorating a room so that the result would be attractive. These are: 1- Proportion 2. Balance Harmony 4. Rhythm 5. Emphasis Let explain one by one to the above Art Principles . 1-Proportion: The proportion principle is now and then called code of relations. It

The Entertainment Capital of the World

One of the most popular and talked about vacation destinations in the United States, and the world, is definitely Las Vegas. Whether you are a fan of gambling, or just want to visit a truly unique city, which offers many incredible options for entertainment and dining, Las Vegas should definitely be on your list for

Pay-Per-View – A New Mode Of Entertainment

During the 90s, the concept of pay per view, or paying a certain amount to watch or obtain a specific content became popular through cable television. By 2000, the pay-per-view cable and satellite industry was securing $ 1.5 billion per year by charging customers to view certain movies and special events. Believing the Internet would

African Tribal Art

One of the most common themes that are depicted in African art is that of a stranger, which signifies the premium that Africans place on the tribe to which they belong. Another way of depicting a tribe’s unique set of beliefs is to depict them in masks, which have been used in traditional ceremonies that

An Introduction to Internal Martial Arts

Internal martial arts, also known as 'soft' martial arts, or Nei Kung in Chinese are those which concentrate on cultivating and using the power of the internal energy called 'chi' rather than the conventional muscular power of so called external or hard styles. The most widely known Nei Kung system in the west is Tai

Best Martial Arts Tactic

Have you ever heard the expression, "Do not play your opponent's game?" If you are a martial artist who can play several different games, so to speak, then you will have a definite advantage in a real fight. Do you understand the sagely advice of not playing the other person's game that was first popularized

Foxy Boxing

A boxing match between two women is called foxy boxing. These are quite different from boxing matches between men. Boxing matches between men focus on power and stamina. Foxy boxing too has a focus on stamina and power, but also adds a couple of dimensions that male boxing matches do not provide. Foxy boxing often

The Secrets of Scientific Street Fighting

Scientific street fighting is all about understanding the human bodies physiological response to a fight and understanding the effectiveness of various street fighting strategies based on statistics. Scientific street fighting may sound complicated but it’s not. It is actually quite simple. The best part is it is actually easier than learning a martial art. The