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8 Lies About Wedding Entertainment

Professional wedding entertainers know that there are many false beliefs about what is needed (or not) to create a successful party atmosphere at your reception. Let's debunk a few of the more common misconceptions about wedding entertainment … 1. Any DJ will do. This is like saying any dress will do, or any photographer, etc.

Alphason Sona TV Entertainment Stand Review

The Alphason Sona AVCR42 / 3 LCD TV Stand is a contemporary design stand that features a 3 shelf support for LCD / Plasma television screens up to 42 inches while offering excellent storage space for all your AV equipment. This TV stand would unquestionably flatter any environment through its ultimate modern design. The Alphason

Unique Wedding Reception Entertainment

The typical wedding reception entertainment scheme of pretty flowers and background music is fine for some people, but all kinds of options exist to spice it up a bit and provide a celebration that everyone is sure to remember for years to come. Before planning any of the following wedding reception entertainment ideas, please take

The Art of Digital Photo Retouching

The Limits of Photo Cameras We live in an age of amazing technological advancements in the visual technology fields. Photo camera models renew themselves each year with the promise of more mega-pixels and new features. And yet, if we think about it for a moment, the photo that comes out of each of our digital

Marc Chagall – A Life of Art

Marc Chagall, born July 7 1887, was Russian-Belorussian-French painter whose dedication and talent was widely recognized. He was born in Liozno, Belarus and was the eldest of nine children. His childhood had big impact on his later work. His father worked in a salt herring factory and his mother was a housekeeper. Very important person

Different World Views of Art

Art through the centuries acquired different forms and conceptions. First of all there was naturalism, then developed romanticism, and then there was impressionism, followed by cubism, which was followed by surrealism and finally trends moved on to postmodern art. Here I would like to provide my understanding on various schools of art. Naturalism proceeded out

What's Abstract Art?

When I was younger I preferred classical art to abstract art because I told people "it's more real". Now that I'm a bit older and have more experience, I can tell you that this was a mistake. Abstract art is more real than classical art is. Let me ask you "Is not color real in

Generational Mixed Martial Arts

There have been umpteen articles and rankings on the history of the sport, you know, since no one heard of MMA before the UFC. Let’s just forget that Pancrase held their show before the Gracie’s did. Before the UFC, the Gracies were a combined 7,819,952-0 in no holds barred combat, in the years before the