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How To Earn Money Using YouTube

It seems the economy is getting better than it has been a few years back, but almost everyone you talk to is still searching for "the next big thing". It may be tough finding a job you actually enjoy doing, but it's even more arduous finding one that thrives in the long run. Have you

10 Funny Sports

Human beings have been taking part in sports for centuries. Whereas many sports attract a following because of the competition, the excitation and the thrill they have, there are a number that draw crowds because of their eccentric or out of the ordinary nature. Sometimes, such sports being odd is not deliberate but consequential because

Why the Internet is Dangerous For Kids

You probably heard from other parents that the internet is a dangerous place for kids. Yes and No. Internet if approached correctly can bring enormous and positive benefits to your child’s knowledge and development. Why the internet is dangerous for kids actually has to do with the fact that bad guys can easily hide their

Italian Comedy

The traditions of Commedia dell'Arte and Greek theater are still maintained in Italian comedy today. Commedia dell'Arte (literally translated as 'Artistic Comedy'), dates back to the 16th century. It can be described as a comical theater presentation performed by professional actors who traveled around Italy. The traveling acting groups mostly performed in city streets, and