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Coachella Boho Fashion

Coachella music festivals and sandy beaches, the waves lapping at your feet, the wind blowing your bohemian hi low skirts and Ariana Grande singing your favorite songs in front of spring crazy millennials. That's right, it's festival season. Lets get in the mood for colorful free spirited boho fashion clothing. Coachella festival fashion beats to

Choosing Your Path in Fashion Design

There are a lot of students who are looking at fashion design as one of their choices for the course that they will be taking for college. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of them who do not know which course should be taken up. There are a lot of courses that a student can

Fashion Designer Watches

There are growing signs that show that in next years, there will be more and more demand for fashion designer watches and less demand for mechanical watches. True, these mechanical watches will remain on the scene but the fashion designer of watches are fast eating into the percentage of the watch that are on sale

Fashion Marketing 101

In a nutshell, fashion marketing is a profession that takes the latest trends and designs in clothing and communicates them to a target market in such a way that the consumer is not only aware of the product, but wants to and absolutely does not buy the product. A target market is a sector of

Fashion Bags For Comfortable Pet Travel

If you have a small or toy breed, you may very well find that you have the option of bringing your dog with you far more places than you ever imagined. Perhaps the current wave of fashion divas and celebrities that are constantly seen with their pampered pooches have helped with the trend, but whatever

Famous Fashion Designers

Fashion designers use flair and know-how to create everything from hospital uniforms to the eye-popping outfits worn by rock stars and models. Jobs for fashion designers are expected to grow more slowly than the average for all careers through 2014, according to government economists. A study of the work of several other fashion designers records

Plus Size High Fashion

The plus size high fashion clothing is a booming market today and it's great that even well known fashion designers are starting to provide high-end fashion for people with voluptuous figure. Fashion is no longer a hindrance for womens plus size fashion clothing and they do not need to depend only on one type of

Fashion Tips to Wear Black & White!

Pairing black and white clothing and accessories has always been a very well put together look. Black & White dresses have often made their way to women's closets for any season. Ranging from swimsuits to dresses, from night on the town to a day in the office, these two colors are the perfect choice for