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Setting Up FTP in Dreamweaver

Okay, you created a Web site and tested it, and you're ready to upload it to the Web. It's time to put the Dreamweaver tools to work. If you're using a commercial service provider, you most likely need the Dreamweaver FTP features, covered in detail in this task and the remaining tasks in this chapter.

The Truth About Inflation

If you believe what the leaders in Washington tell us, then we are not experiencing any form of inflation. If you watch the various Financial Shows on FOX, CNN, MSN and etc, they have varying views on our current economic status and inflation. If you live on Main Street, where most of us live, then

Evolution of CCTV in India

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) camera is widely used in modern times for surveillance. It is used in all countries for security. India is no exception! You may come across CCTV cameras in India in day-to-day life. Beside, its use is increasing. You may find a great future for CCTV in India. CCTVs are here to

Housing in China

I guess because I spend so much of my workday looking at and thinking about housing materials and construction, I tend to notice these sorts of things wherever I go. So when I went to China earlier this year to visit my son and grandson, the following things stand out. Most people in cities big

London Travel Guide

London is everything you would expect from a Capital City with a lot of history and more, and the good news now thanks to the irresponsibility of bankers worldwide is that London is not as expensive to visit as it has been for the last 10 or more years . The pound has not quite

Help Keep Disposable Plastic Bags Out of Landfills – Use Reusable Shopping Bags

Natural biodegradation occurs when microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi break down organic substances into carbon dioxide and water. Most plastic bags are made out of low-density polyethylene, a man-made hydrocarbon polymer that microorganisms do not recognize as food. Polyethylene is unappealing to microorganisms because of its high molecular weight, its highly stable three-dimensional structure