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Self Service Laundry, A Coming Trend In Malaysia

Self service laundry, or some might call it self service laundromat, the locals in Malaysia refers to it as “dobi layan diri“. It is an upcoming trend within the country with more and more people visiting the local self service laundry outlets to have their laundry cleaned. It is quite apparent that people are shifting

Top 3 Must-See Seafood Restaurants in Tampines

Tampines New Town, or simply Tampines among the locals, is one of the busiest districts in Singapore. It is known to be the largest residential area in the country with the population of 216,000 people, living in Housing and Development Board (HDB) flats. This area was once abundant with trees called Tampines, hence the name.

Simple Accommodations and Quality Services at INNSISON Apartelles in Baguio City in the Philippines

For simple, decent yet highly efficient hotel accommodations, people can always stay inside INNSISON Apartelles, which is conveniently located at the corner of Dominican Road in Baguio City. Many travelers and tourists love to stay inside this three-star Baguio hotel because of its economical rates, comfortable features, and efficient services. For the safety of everyone,

Buying Tanzanite and Gemstones in Nairobi, Kenya

Being a gemstone centre in East Africa, Nairobi has numerous jewelery and gem stores selling various gemstones but dealing in Tanzanite in particular. This article explores the numerous pitfalls of buying Tanzanite in Nairobi and offers advice on what to look for. Fraudulent Practices are prevalent in the Nairobi market An article in the Nation

Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Pantyhose

Some women are reluctant to wear pantyhose because they do not know how to wear them properly. They do not want to risk looking like fashion victims so they just completely exclude hosiery from their daily looks. Pantyhose are actually easy to wear and are versatile closet additions. They are inexpensive to buy and can

Child Molesters; Edward, An All To Common Name

In the news lately have been horrific stories of Child Molesters who have stolen the innocence from children and in many cases killed them in cold blood. After doing some research on this, I noticed that one of the most common names for child molester criminals was Ed or Edward. Each time a child is

Urban History and Current Trend of Name Necklace

Hollywood stars and singers like Madonna, J.Lo, MC Hammer, and many more have made it more fashionable to wear name necklaces. While some think of it simply as a fashion statement, name necklaces also have its own unique history. A silver name necklace or one in gold have been around for a couple of decades

Saving Money In the United States

Saving money is what every citizen in America claims to strive for. Our society, in this time of day is beyond bankruptcy. We have dug ourselves in a hole so deep that the walls would be difficult to find just to try and climb out of. Our deficit is so large that we owe China