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The History of the Online Auction

When one thinks of online auctions today, the name eBay definitely comes to mind first. This website was the first in what is now a history of the online auction, which began in 1995, when Pierre Omidyar sold his first item. The item was a broken laser pointer, which sold for $ 14.83 to a

4 Tips For Flat Tire Repair

Sooner or later you will go out to your car and low and behold you have a flat. Most of the time, you will not be in a location that changing it will be realistic. What do you do then? If you prepare yourself, you will be able to handle it. Being prepared means you

16 Most Inspiring Famous Failures

To succeed in business or life, I came to realize that we must collectively take remedial actions. Putting myself on the line day after day can be extremely draining, especially when things do not work out as I desired. Here, each time I face a disappointing event or undesirable exit, I NEVER FORGET these famous

Suffering From Decor-a-phobia?

Having a very deep and diverse fear of decorating your home in style is nothing to be accused of – in fact, it is perfectly natural! Simply looking at the prices on some of the sofas, chairs, and other accessories just for the living room is enough to give anyone chills! A simple set of

How to Value a Gas Station For Sale

In most cases, the process of undertaking a gas station valuation can be a complicated endeavour. Far removed from the usual question of how you progress through the steps of the valuation itself, there are still quite a variety of variables to keep track of, including principally whether the property in question is leased or