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Learn to Relax and Have Fun Playtime Outdoors

Connect with nature and get your regular dose of natural stress relief while you’re at it! This we should memorize as a daily mantra. I talk a lot about getting outdoors to move, do your exercise and have fun while you are at it. Most of us don’t follow my advice, sometimes (because of work);

Calling All Online Football Gamers – Knowing the Ups and Downs of the Online Football Field!

Football is a sport rich in history and background. There are worldwide football leagues and worldwide tournaments that bring the country together in friendly yet highly competitive competitions. Fans are passionate about their teams through and through and will watch them through their best and through their worst. For fans in different time zones the

Sports Betting – Free Picks For Baseball

Are you a fan of baseball? Sure enough, you watch out for a more promising season as always. You want to believe that this year is going to be more prosperous for your chosen team. Baseball enthusiasts like you are nevertheless taking personal picks like you normally do for every baseball season. Are you also

Basketball Positions: 5 Main Basketball Positions

If we classify broadly, there are three main basketball positions in a Basketball game: guard, forward and center. These positions are further classified more specifically depending on the role designed to each position to make the total of five positions. These are point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward and center. The responsibilities of

Baseball – How To Become A Granite Wall

Playing the position of catcher in baseball, is quite possibly the most grueling and demanding position on the team. Obviously physical size and strength are definite assets, but a player can exceed much of the disadvantages of lacking size, with excellent technique. Working behind the plate is not as simple as just squatting down and

Basketball Plays – Simple and Effective Box Plays

The key to effective basketball plays for beginners is keeping it simple. The following plays use a box formation, a good beginning formation that provides opportunities for outside shots and post shot plays and allows some flexibility for various scenarios. Backdoor Play This quick hitting play works well when facing intense man-to-man defense. To start