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5 Reasons I Love Internet Marketing

A few days back, I went out and looked for my first job ever. I do not think employers understand how hard of a worker I truly am. Who else do you know that blogs over 100,000 words a month. Not many bloggers can say that. If only these employers understand how hard I work,

How to Be Mindful With Technology

I feel that our increasing reliance on technology is affecting our mental health in multiple but disturbing ways. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in the middle of a yoga class doing my best to balance on one leg, when someone’s cell phone goes off. Recently, it took four separate rings before

Tips on Hiring a Computer Repair Company

For many of us, life stops when our computers stop. In this era of communication, we depend on computers in a big way. I am sure that many people find it hard to imagine a day's work without a functional computer. Apart from using the social media sites, household people use computers for searching, e-mailing,

Components of Your Computer

A personal computer is a programmable electronic system, which processes data and which is designed to have a single user at once. Over the years, computers have developed from all points of view and their components make no exception. The central unit is the basic components of the system and it consist of the following.

Internet And Privacy Issues

The increases to the use of internet by people, in many instances are unaware of the information being collected about them. In contrast to these, people concerned about the privacy and security issues are limiting their use of the Internet, eliminating them from purchasing products online. Businesses must be aware to the fact that users