Wedding Time and Money Saving Tips

Wedding planning begins right after engagement. You and your partner will decide whether to follow your dream wedding or just have a simple one and save extra cash in starting a family. For me, I’d rather have a simple wedding then save the extra cash for future use. My fiancé and I have been engaged

Woodworking – A Job In The Industry

There are a large amount of jobs that are available in woodworking industry. Getting a job in the industry is a easy thing to do, as there are plenty of job opportunities available, even for the inexperienced. If you are already skilled then a job in the woodworking industry is just about guaranteed. If you

Preparation of Profit and Loss Account

Explanation of Certain items of Profit and Loss Account 1. Salaries Salaries are paid for the services of employees and are debited to profit and loss ac- count being indirect expense. If any salary has been paid to proprietor or partners, it should be shown separately because it requires special treatment at the time of

Review of ‘Your Property Club’

Recently whilst surfing the web I came across a website ‘Your Property Club’ which looks interesting. And no doubt, like most of us you I too flit from page to page looking for something which grabs my attention. The site layout is very professional and there’s lots of useful content and advice for anyone looking

The Worth Of Your Antiques

Many of us love to have a hobby that will allow us to break loose from our boring and tedious lives. Numerous of us might go fishing and others of us might collect something. One of the best things to collect are antique plates. There are some of us that will have started your collection

5 Tips On How To Choose A Freight Forwarder

Your imports and exports should be in good hands at all times. Therefore, we suggest that you choose a freight forwarder who can handle your goods in the best way. With so many providers out there, how can you choose a trustworthy one? We can help you go about it. In this article, you will

LIC Systematic Investment Plan

The LIC systematic investment plan has a huge appeal with the Indian masses as the company is a household name. The SIP LIC mutual fund offers a number of schemes under the titles of equity, debt, balanced, liquid, redeemed and floating. As you already know, LIC is the top insurer in the country. Also, what

My Review of the Top-Most Yoga Institutes

Bali is a beautiful island that is famous for Yoga. Someone said, “Hinduism is the origin of Yoga” rather we can say that there is no Hinduism without Yoga. All over the world, Bali is the preferred place for Yoga. Throughout the world, Bali is one of the famous places for Yoga Instructor Training. In